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LX679 Bellice

In the design of LX679, Beck Design focused on creating a distinctive yet elegant and modest sofa for stylish integration in any interior. There was a huge focus on the look of LX679 as a modular programme. As a result of this, LX679 looks and feels as a unit in every possible configuration rather than a combination of individual components. The attention for detail and the versatility of the sofa programme make LX679 ideal for projects in which customisation plays an important role. As well as a wide range of sofas, the over sixty elements enable the realisation of every desired layout, from an extensive corner layout to a lounge sofa with extra wide chaise longues.


LX679 offers six different options for the sofa legs and five for the arms. Here too, there are three comfort levels for the cushion filling to ensure that the comfort level is exactly right: soft, medium and firm.

Beck Design, 2017

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