Guarantee for the countries NL-B-L-F-D-A-CH and UK (Guarantee for other countries on request):

A seven-year guarantee is given on upholstered furniture, on construction, workmanship and upholstery padding. Due to anticipated normal wear and tear, Leolux will – after 2 years - take in account a yearly depreciation.

A five-year guarantee is given on solid wood tables and a two-year guarantee on non-upholstered furniture. For upholstery materials Leolux LX follows the guarantee of the fabric manufacturers listed in this price list with a minimum of two years. The guarantee does not apply to lacquer finishes, glass, marble and veneers, or any other finish.


Questions about guarantee of delivered furniture can be send to our Service department; Please send as many details as possible; order number, photos and a detailed description of your question.


  1. The guarantee is valid from the day of delivery to the first owner or at the latest 30 days after delivery by Leolux LX to the Leolux LX partner.
  2. On the owner’s request, the guarantee includes repairs due to assembly and production errors.
  3. Claims on the guarantee must be made known within the period.
  4. The guarantee applies to the piece of furniture; should this pass on to third persons, then the application of the warranty does not alter.
  5. To the extent permitted by law, the guarantee period shall not be prolonged, renewed or otherwise changed by resale, repair or replacement of the furniture by a recognized Leolux LX partner.
  6. Different guarantee conditions apply to products purchased via Leolux LX. These can vary per country and are available on request from Leolux LX.


  1. The Leolux LX guarantee does not apply to customer own leather or fabric.
  2. The Leolux LX guarantee covers only the costs of the fabric and leather materials delivered by the meter. Other costs for upholstering carried out by third par-ties are not covered by Leolux LX.
  3. The guarantee excludes normal wear-and-tear and damage. Damage which is a result of incorrect use or maintenance is excluded from the guarantee.
  4. Repairs made to the upholstery materials and furniture without prior written permission from Leolux LX result in exclusion from the warranty.
  5. Indirect costs which may be the result of an eventual defect, for example loss of income etc., are excluded from the guarantee.
  6. In order to deal with your service request the product must be within the Leolux LX sales organization area in which it was sold. If this is not the case, Leolux will be unable to carry out any inspections or repair activities.
  7. Leather and fabric creasing occurs in the standard Leolux LX quality, form-retaining foam elements. This choice is deliberate, and will not be accepted as grounds for complaints.
  8. Leather is a natural product. Scratch scars, insect bites, cuts etc are characteristics of leather, and cannot be accepted as grounds for complaint. Slight colour variations in a piece or group of furniture cannot be avoided.
  9. The natural characteristics of wood do not form grounds for complaint.
  10. Cracks in solid wood caused by the relative humidity being too low (<50%) or too high (>70%) do not repre-sent grounds for complaint.
  11. Small patterns or stripes will not be worked to pattern.
  12. The guarantee for fabrics is null and void once they have been treated with a soil resistant coating (e.g. scotchguard).
  13. Changes in the nap of velvet (like) fabrics which result from use cannot be claimed for. The resulting colour differences which are only visual are a specific char-acteristic of this type of fabric.
  14. Slight colour variations may occur.


Royal Dutch CBM home furnishings department general terms and conditions. Filed with the clerk of the Court of North Holland, in Haarlem on 16 March 2018 under number 9/2018.