Leolux LX privacy statement

Your personal data are not a commodity. That is why there are legal regulations that stipulate what information we can ask you for and what we can do with it. In summary: we do not share your personal data with others and you only need to provide us with the details we actually need to answer your questions. We also cannot keep any data we do not use.

The text below explains how Leolux LX handles your personal data.

Legal responsibility

Leolux LX is a brand of Leolux Living BV, founded and with registered office in Venlo (NL). Our models are developed and produced here in Leolux’s own factories in Europe. When producing furniture for all its brands, Leolux takes into account the legal requirements that apply in the country where the furniture will be delivered. As a result of this, there may be certain models, parts or upholstery materials that we are unable to supply there. In the information, purchase, and after-sales process, legal requirements apply with respect to the collection, storage and sharing of personal data.

If you have questions about this, please contact our GDPR officer.

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Your privacy is guaranteed

We are happy that you are interested in our products and trust that our website provides you with all the information you need to make the right choice. We comply strictly with the European regulations, more specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Requesting your data

At various places on our website, but also elsewhere in the information and purchasing process, you share your details with us. We only collect the data needed for the purpose that we agree on with each other, however. If, for instance, you just want to receive a single magazine from Leolux LX, we only request your name and address details. If you would like to receive a monthly newsletter, your name and email address will suffice. In that case, we do not need your postal address or age.

Keeping your data

Leolux only stores your data if you have explicitly given permission for this. If we may send you a newsletter periodically, for example. In that case, your data are only stored for that specific purpose. Furthermore, you can withdraw your permission at any time. Leolux then ensures that your data are deleted from the file.

Third parties

Leolux does not share any personal data with third parties. Data that you provide to Leolux are exclusively viewed by Leolux itself. Websites hosted by external parties emphatically do not have permission to process, store or use data for their own purposes. The handover of personal data to government institutions and authorities only takes place in the context of mandatory national legislation.

Anonymous data processing/Cookies

You can visit our web-pages without telling us who you are. You remain anonymous, therefore.

Because we want to optimise our information provision and the website’s functioning, visits to the website are analysed (anonymously). We use cookies for this. If you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can refuse them. The website will still give you all the information available. You can delete stored cookies at any time via your browser’s system settings.

What are cookies?

They are small, harmless text files that websites send to your computer and which are then stored by your browser. Upon every subsequent visit to the particular website, your browser sends the contents of the cookie back. This allows the website to store the data that correspond to your browser and your visit. This is how our website can remember your favourite models, for instance. We call this kind of cookies ‘technical cookies’.

Other cookies help us to recognise you as a unique visitor, analyse which pages of the website are visited frequently, measure the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns or be able to display certain advertisements based on your browsing history. The first two types are called ‘analytics cookies’ and the second two types ‘advertising cookies’.

All these cookies work anonymously. After all, we do not need to know who visits our website, but we would like to know how a visit to our website unfolds.

Which cookies does Leolux use?

Analytics cookies: These cookies allow Leolux to analyse your visit to our website. Are you able to find what you are looking for easily? Or does it take you several clicks to get to the right page? This information helps us improve our website. A website that provides you with the right information quickly is customer friendly. We do not monitor you personally, the cookies work entirely anonymously.

Advertising cookies: Leolux uses banners and other online advertising campaigns. Cookies can measure the effectiveness of these campaigns. If you view a website displaying a banner from Leolux LX, the party that provides the banner places a cookie. We place a code originating from that same party on our website. If you open our website after seeing the banner, the cookie received earlier is sent back to this party. This allows us to measure the effectiveness of a banner or other advertisement.

So-called ‘re-targeting’ can also be used. For instance, you may have first viewed a page on the website. Re-targeting means that you are then shown a new advertisement for Leolux LX later on. This makes it possible to tailor advertisements to the interests of visitors.


Leolux uses forms to collect only the data that are needed for the purpose indicated on the form. After the question or request is handled, data are not stored unless you explicitly give permission for this via an ‘opt-in’. You can unsubscribe at any time, after which your data will be deleted from our system.

Copyright / Disclaimer

Texts, illustrations, videos and other information published here are copyright protected by Leolux Living BV in Venlo. Reproduction or display without Leolux’s explicit permission is not permitted and will result in legal action. Recommended retail prices, sizes and other information is provided but is subject to errors and/or amendment. Leolux cannot be held responsible for damage that arises as a result of this information or the use of this website.