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Leolux has been developing sustainable products since the 1980s. Consistently reducing our carbon footprint and monitoring the production methods and materials we use allows us to claim confidently that our contemporary furni-ture has a relatively low impact on the environment. What’s more, Leolux currently generates 67% of its electricity requirement through solar panels and uses an installation for thermal energy storage. Our aim is to achieve totally energy-neutral production in the foreseeable future.


Leolux LX works exclusively with quality suppliers who are required to account for their production methods.


Beech wood for construction of the frames: 100% PEFC certified

Wood based materials: since 2018 Leolux LX solely uses wood based materials which do not emit harmful gasses (like e.g. added formaldehydes). They all comply to at least the E1 norm. All the MDF and multiplex Leolux processes is fully CARB2 and TSA Title VI compliant


Cowhides are a waste product from the meat industry. No animals are therefore killed for their hides; by processing the hides into leather, they are upcycled to a high quality upholstery material.

All suppliers of Leolux LX leather must comply to REACH regulations. They only work with chemicals officially registered by the European Chemicals Agency. Preferred suppliers are Blue Angel or Golden M certified. By using the latest leath-er-cutter we minimize wastage, and all our leather residues are used for sample material or sold and upcycled to leather goods.


Leolux LX processes fabrics by De Ploeg, Gabriël, Kvadrat, Oniro, Rohi. They meet the highest standards with regard to sustainability, fire resistance and the environ-ment (several Kvadrat fabrics are Ecoflower label certified), De Ploeg supplies Trevira CS fabrics with Oekotex-100 certificate. We have technical information and appropriate certification information available for each of the fabrics.

Coating / Lacquering

Leolux actively reduces VOC emis-sions by using epoxy coatings. Reupholstery or refurbishing: Almost our full range of prod-ucts can be reupholstered or refurbished.

Electricity / Fossil Fuels

Leolux minimises the fossil fuels it uses, for example by using thermal energy storage, selfgenerated power – from solar panels – and reducing its energy needs (more effi-cient equipment, LED lighting, roof insulation, occupancy sensors in areas which are not in frequent use).

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The Leolux LX mission states

“With its high-quality contemporary furniture, Leolux helps create a more beautiful living and working environment for current and future generations. Inventive and optimally combining high-tech and craftsmanship, we fulfil the wish-es of people who like comfort, quality and unusual design.”

The responsible choice

Sustainability is no longer a matter of convenience. Not for any company or for any individual. It is a responsibility that we share. Leolux LX wants to inspire clients to make the most responsible choice when it comes to the elements that make furniture truly personal.

Various responsible upholstery options are available in our collection. For example, fabrics with recycled materials or ‘artificial leather’, which has the impression of leather but does not come from bovine cattle. Ask our sales manager about the responsible choice.