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LX319 Edit

With an inviting look and high-quality comfort, this is a sofa programme that lends itself well to projects where relaxation should be a given. The programme has first of all a complete range of sofas (LX319), with a 2.5, 3 and a 3.5-seat option. In addition, the modular programme (LX349) offers even more variety with spacious elements, connection sofas, chaise longues and footstools. The characteristic piping can be made in any upholstery material, for a striking detail.

Jet Dircks, 2008

Product info sheet


Goudappel Coffeng - Deventer

Products: LX389, LX319, LX349
Completion: 2016

Eno Zorgverzekeraar - Deventer

Products: LX319
Completion: 2017