Leolux LX

Leolux LX is all about design concepts by professionals for professionals. Concepts by renowned international designers are finetuned by our developers into products that combine expressive design with quality, comfort and functionality. A process in which there is no space for concessions and in which the enduser’s experience shapes everything we do.

BSPOKE Contract interview with Studio Truly Truly

An interview with Leolux art directors Studio Truly Truly for BSPOKE contract, an online event to connect key decision makers with leading brands.

Catalogue 2021

The Leolux LX portfolio includes multi-purpose seating elements, armchairs, chairs, tables and accessories for projects in which style, quality and functionality come first. And all those products are just the beginning. With an extensive collection of high-quality coverings and finishing materials, our products become the perfect translation of your creative vision.